Malawi City Centres

As an old urban centre it has many historical monuments which visitors will find interesting. These include Mandala House, the oldest building, St Michaels and all angels Church, the Chichiri Museum is a centre which preserves some historical monuments and some of the nation’s cultural relics. There is an international airport (Chileka) which connects Blantyre with other African cities and domestic destinations.
The climate in Blantyre like the rest of the country is mostly mild, warm in the summer season and cool in winter, a typical tropical climate. Blantyre is not as well developed as the huge urban cities in the regions but tourists will find a number of landmarks to visit. The city also offers curio shopping, bike tours and one or two night spots such as Chez Ntemba a nightclub favoured by locals.
Lilongwe is the capital city of Malawi, located in the central part of the country. It is the economic centre which also houses the Parliament of Malawi. The city was established in 1906 by the British, it was not designated the capital city at independence but only in 1975 replacing Zombe. Lilongwe is a classic tale of two cities, as the city has two distinct regions the old city and the new city.
The old town has all the markings of the old Fishing village Lilongwe was for many decades. The new city has gleaming modern buildings which include government and financial institutions and some prominent educational institutions as well. Tourists will find New city has more to offer in terms of places to relax such as bars, restaurants and several beautiful hotels and lodges such as the President Walmont Hotel and the Korea Garden Lodge. However, for the best curio shopping experience the old town offers the Lilongwe Crafts Market. 
Lilongwe has the International airport, and a rail network which connects with Zambia. Roads in the new city are well developed. The places of interest in Lilongwe include the Lilongwe wildlife centre, the Kumbali Cultural Village, The Chongoni Rock Art area and several local cuisine restaurants.